Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to be a good blogger

Before I start talking about this post, I want to ask for apologize to all this blog reader and visitor as I  didn't post anything since 11 January 2011. I really want to post on something but I had a lot of things to do for a few months.

As we all know that Bloggers nowadays are very active visiting blog and blogwalking to promote their blog and website. This is not a problem but if we do it wrong, this can bring to problem. I bet that majority of bloggers are using chat box so that the blogwalker and also the visitor can write on something about the site or chat with the other blogger.

But there is a problem occur here. Plenty of bloggers nowadays like to visit on other people blog but not to read post. After they load other people's blog, firstly they will look whether the blog has chat box or not. If there is a chat box, they will leave a message so that the blogger owner or other blogger will visit their blog.

And if there is no chat box, they will just leave the blog and visit others blog. For me, this is not nice. If we are on other people's blog, why not we take a little bit time to read the post and leave on comment on the post. I guarantee that the owner of the blog that you have leave comment on his post, he will felt that he has been appreciated.

I can bet that you will felt like been appreciated if other blogger make comment on your post especially a good and nice comments. If a bad comment were given, that's alright. At least you can fix on your mistake of posting...

Below are other examples or ways to be a good blogger:

  1. If you want to leave a comment on other blogger's blog or website, you must ensure that you make a nice comment so that spam can be avoided.
  2. If you want to leave a comment so that the blogger can fix the mistake on the post, make sure that your comment is not cynical so that the comment will not categorized as spam.                                             
  3. When you want to make comment or leave message on chat box, you cannot make such a long message to avoid spam and give comfort  to other blogger. 
  4. Been a loyal follower. A follower must always follow on update made by the blog you had follow. This is one the way to be a loyal follower. I don't say that there is no loyal follower out there but nowadays, it is so difficult to find a loyal follower.It is up to you. Maybe some of you think that being a loyal follower is not important but I want to said, "to be a good blogger you must need this characteristic".
  5. When you want to leave message on the chat box, make sure that you don't make consecutive  comments like below :-

That's all for today...Thank you for reading.


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