Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Customize a Playlist Music Generator for your blog

Hey,hey,hey check this out. I got a something special that wanted to be shared with you all.Want to know what is it? I will tell to you all now.It is a Playlist Music Generator.Now, I want to tell you how I got it. It was all started when I was surfing my friend's blog. After his blog finished loading the page, I heard a song.When I check it clearly, I found out that there was a playlist music in his blog.I was so excited with the thing.Without wasting any time, I quickly wanted to post it.

Here an example for the image...


Follow the steps below if you want to customize your blog nicely.

Step 1: You go to http://autoplaylist.com/ link.

Step 2: Type the Artist or the Song title that you like in the search box and you must click the Search.


Step 3: After the Playlist Audio that you choose appear, you need to click at the icon to  get the code. Look at the example below to see where the icon is.


Step 4: After you click the icon, the Embed code will appear like this:

Step 5: Copy the code and go to the Page Elements on your layout page.

Step 6: Click at the Add a Gadget. Choose the HTML/JavaScript. Paste the code that have been copied and you must save it.



Ipin on November 19, 2009 at 9:33 AM said...

Thanks infonya dear friend:)

"sebagai tanda persahabatan aku berikan award smoga terjalin hubungan silahturrahmi yang baik "
silahkan di ambil yahh sobat...

Azrai Ahmad Zamri on November 24, 2009 at 8:20 PM said...

salam ziarah..TQ atas prk0ngsian informasi yG sgt berGuna...truskn usaha..

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