Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nice bookmark under post

Hi...I'm SyafiqZaimi, Syarhanz's brother, nice to meet all of you.
Peace be upon to all of you. Today is a great day and I want to start it by posting something in my blog post.
Now, I want to show you my first social bookmark share design. I make it by my own and now I want to share it with my readers (please don't remove the copyright by Like people always told, 'sharing is caring + loving'. To put that nice bookmark share on your blog, you just need to follow the steps given. You can see the example at the end of this post.

Step 1.
- Use Ctrl+F and search for this  ]]></b:skin> tag

Step 2.
- Then, use and search Ctrl+F for this <data:post.body/> code.

Step 3.

- Paste this code below the <data:post.body/> code:

Step 4.
- Save your template and enjoy the elegant bookmarking share under your post.

- syafzpic

I hope all of you enjoy the tutorial and please leave a comment...Enjoy the tutorial!


Ipin on January 20, 2010 at 3:49 PM said...

hi broo..sample screen shooot show at posting broo..

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