Saturday, September 26, 2009

Make a blog with beautiful template???

  • First, go to the search and type Click at Create your free blog. Click the at Create a blog.
  • Second, fill the empty blank with email address, password, display name and Word Verification. Do not ever forgot to accept the terms. Click the Continue.
  • Third, put your blog title and blog address(URL). After that, you put the correct Word Verification.
  • Lastly, choose a template..Start blogging...Finish.

If you want to change the template, you search the web : blogger template at the google search. Click the first blogger templates. There are many blogger templates in there. Choose the best one for your blog.Click at the templates.Download the template. After that, go back to the layout in your blog. Click at edit HTML. Browse the computer that for the template had been downloaded. Upload it. Comfirm & Save. Save template. Lastly, you only need to view blog। (End)


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