Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Put Recent Post with Thumbnail

Recent post with thumbnail

Wow!! What a special tips for you all today. Have you know how to put recent post with thumbnail in our blog. I bet you only know how to put recent post without thumbnail. you do not need to use recent post without thumbnail bacause I have something better than that. Recent post with thumbnail allow you to see the image of the post. It is very-very great and good. Below are steps to put recent post with thumbnail into your blog. 

1. First, click 'Add a gadget' at the 'Page Elements' and choose 'HTML/JavaScript'

2. Then, copy this code and paste in the 'HTML/JavaScript' box


3. Third, click the save button. Finished

Easy Coding

  • boxwidth - Width of the widget
  • cellspacing - Space between cells (default one is good)
  • borderColor - Border color (add the background color of your template to perfectly blend it in the template)
  • thumbwidth & thumbheight - Width and Height of the thumbnail (default are good)
  • fntsize - Font size of the title
  • acolor - Color of the title
  • numposts - How many posts you want to show?
  • home_page : http://www.blogging-style.blogspot.com/ (change this with your blog url)  
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