Monday, December 28, 2009

Put Falling Leaves into Your Blog Page.

In the older post, I had posted about "Put Falling Snowflakes into Your Blog Page" and now I want to post something that related to it but it has a bit different. I want to tell you how to "Put Falling Leaves into Your Blog Page". If you feel intrested, you just need to read the whole post.

Steps to follow:

1: Log in to the blogger using your blog ID.

2: Go to the Layout > Page Elements. Click at the Add a Gadget.

3: Take the HTML/JavaScript at the Add a Gadget.

4: A content box will appeared in a small, new window.

5: Copy the code below:

<script language="JavaScript" src="">
6: Paste the code in the box.

7: You just need to SAVE IT.

Now, you can enjoy your Falling Leaves.


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