Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tips to choose a Template for a blog.

Hey guys, are you bored of your blog template and want to change it. Make your blog template better and more stylish. Blogger will take such a lot of time to choose for a template for the blog. I also take such a lot of time to do so. To change the template, you also need some tips to bring along with you so your template will be the best choosen one.

Place of templates
We must know where to find for the best template. This is because, different places have different templates. We can find such a lot of good templates at the  btemplates.com. I suggested you to take template at the btemplate.com. This is because a lot of bloggers like btemplate.com very much. They can find a lot and good templates there.  It's all up to you. There are a lot more places so choose for the best one that you like.

What type of blog do we have??
Next, you must know what type of blog do you have. If you have a blog about art, you must choose a template that related to art and if you have a blog about music, you must choose a template that related to music. It is very-very simple. Am I right again readers??

The Highest Comment 
If you want your blog readers feel attractive to your blog , you must know with one of the template is most liked by the people. For example, you must choose for the most commented template. This is because more comment, more popular. This is also because the highest comment have high attractive. People will comment if they feel very attractive to something.

Take A Look First
If you find template that you like, you must make sure that you have take a look first by see it using Live Demo. Although in small preview look elegant and stylish, it cannot guarantee that the template is beautiful. What I mean is, a lot of templates look beautiful when we just look them in small preview but when we take a live demo on them, they will look very chunky.   

Example templates according to their categories 




You can get the templates above at btemplates.com

After you had finished searching for a template for your blog using the tips above,you must download it into your computer. After that, you must upload it to your blog. As you had finished uploaded the template, the work is !!DONE!! 

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Ipin's cool on January 15, 2010 at 7:38 AM said...

thank for ure information syarhanz
i want change old tempalte with new template

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